Joshua Dwire – Web Applications Engineer

Web Applications Engineer

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I’m a freelancer, a business owner, and a Georgia Tech graduate. I’m also a software engineer who loves making a difference.

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My Work

Volunteer work, freelancing, open source projects, and combinations of all of them — you can see it all right here on my website.

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Even with new web technologies coming out daily, you can’t beat a PDF that can be printed and in your hands in minutes.

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As much info as I’ve put on my website, you still probably have some questions. Or maybe you’re already ready to hire me!

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Stack OverflowStack Overflow

I’m in the top 10% of Stack Overflow users. I’ve impacted thousands of fellow software developers by helping with various real-life coding challenges. I also help maintain the quality of the site by recognizing and improving or removing poor questions.

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I enjoy contributing to open source projects whenever I have the chance. Many of my contributions come from finding bugs or wanting more features in software I’m using in a project. I love the collaboration that is a core part of open source.

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I’m an active freelancer and the owner and chief technologist of a software development company. I’ve also helped build the website of a local internet radio station that’s had thousands of users from three fourths of the world’s countries.

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