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Ever since I started programming with Visual Studio 2003 and Visual Basic .NET, I have enjoyed creating cool software. I’ve really come to enjoy web development, since it allows me variety as I create both the user-facing interfaces and backend support infrastructure.

Now, I’m an active freelancer through a software development company I started in 2012. Websites I’ve created are used by thousands of people in three fourths of the world’s countries. I love working on projects that help others and make a difference.


Georgia Institute of Technology – 2016-2018

Computer Science – Information Internetworks and People

Currently, I’m finishing my Senior year at Georgia Tech. I am an officer of the gt-webdev web development club. I have also been active in helping my classmates understand and work through homework problems.

Georgia Gwinnett College – 2014-2015

Information Technology – Software Develpment

I completed three semesters at Georgia Gwinnett College. While there, I was a student leader for summer Tech Camps and other events. I also frequently worked with other students to help them understand the material.



I focus on providing high-quality solutions for WordPress websites. I’ve created custom themes from scratch and created plugins that completely customize core features. I’ve helped to monetize a multi-site network and modified WordPress login to authenticate using OAuth.


I use Bootstrap to create websites that work on all screen sizes. I compile it from LESS or Sass, making it easy to customize for each site. I have use Bootstrap as part of WordPress themes and for standalone websites and server applications.


I use PHP in combination with tools and libraries like Composer, Luracast, and PHPUnit to create standalone servers, including an user management server with OAuth support.


Since 2010, I’ve done extensive work with JavaScript. I even created and sold a web-based media player, back when each device had its own way to play media.


When I write HTML, I make sure that it’s search engine friendly and follows accessibility standards. I take advantage of new HTML5 features to make development faster.


I enjoy pushing the limits of CSS. I try to use as few images as possible. Instead, I use icon fonts and new CSS3 features. Even when I use new features, I make sure my CSS is backward-compatible.

LESS & SASSCSS Preprocessors

I take advantage of CSS preprocessors like LESS and Sass so I can quickly change the colors and layout of WordPress themes and web apps.


I know how to use jQuery to make great web applications. I frequently combine jQuery with Bootstrap and other libraries so I can take advantage of existing code.

StripeCredit Card Payments

I use Stripe to securely handle payment information while retaining the ability to customize payment form styling and maintain billing flexibility.


I’ve used MongoDB to quickly create standalone web services that store images, purchase domain names, and handle recurring billing.

 My Tools

MacBook Pro PhotoMacBook Pro

I was a Windows user for years, but now, I love the look and feel of Mac OS. Using the iOS simulators in Xcode, I can also test websites on iPhones and iPads.

32-inch 4k Acer ET322QK Monitor32” 4K Monitors

I use three 32-inch 4k Acer ET322QK monitors. Two portrait and one landscape lets me see lots of code and have a bunch of windows visible.

Kinesis Advantage 2 KeyboardKinesis Advantage 2

This keyboard may not look amazing, but it’s great for preventing pain during long days of typing. I can also remap keys so they’re easier to reach.

Logitech MX Master MouseLogitech MX Master

I never thought a new mouse could make a difference, but I love the gesture features and side-to-side scrolling of this mouse. It’s also very comfortable to use.

PHPStorm LogoPHPStorm

This IDE actually understands PHP. It catches little errors before they really mess things up, and ⌘B gets me right to a function’s definition.

Balsamiq LogoBalsamiq

Balsamiq makes it easy to create quick interactive wireframes. This means we don’t waste as much time building the wrong thing.

Panic Transmit LogoTransmit 5

I use Panic Transmit for managing files over FTP, SFTP, AWS S3, and Rackspace Cloud files. I love how it handles any protocol I need to use.

Google Chrome LogoGoogle Chrome

I’m not sure what I’d do without Chrome’s developer tools. Combined with a few extensions, Chrome is an invaluable tool.

Photoshop Logo & Adobe Illustrator Logo
Photoshop & Illustrator

Nothing beats the real Adobe Creative Suite. I love using Photoshop and Illustrator to edit images and vectors.

Creative Cloud Extract LogoCreative Cloud Extract

Extract is really helpful when creating a website from a PSD design. It gives me CSS and even exports PNGs from PSD layers.

Parallels Desktop LogoParallels Desktop

As much as I hate Internet Explorer, I still need to test my websites on it. I use Parallels Desktop to run Microsoft’s IE VMs.

Jira Software LogoJira Software

Atlassian’s Jira Software is great for project management. It makes it easy to assign task ownership and keep track of progress.