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  Edify Hub – Technology Startup

Edify Hub provides free websites for missionaries. They needed someone to develop the core infrastructure to support their WordPress network. I created custom WordPress themes, designed a custom user management system, and set up key systems to create a reliable and secure network for Edify Hub’s customers.

  Custom WordPress Design

Starting with a provided PSD file, I developed a Bootstrap-based custom design for Edify Hub’s public website that works on almost any device on the market.

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  User Management System

In order to support future development, Edify Hub needed a custom user management system. I developed a high-security user account infrastructure and integrated it with their existing website.

  Flexible Theme

To allow Edify Hub’s customers maximum flexibility when creating a website, I created a highly-customizable WordPress theme that allows users to create almost any website imaginable — all without having to use any PHP code.


To provide the best experience for Edify Hub’s customers, I optimized their WordPress network using W3 Total Cache and Amazon Cloud Front.

  Social Networking

To give the company maximum flexibility when reaching out to their customers, I created a custom social network integration plugin for WordPress.

  Top10Agents – Top Realtor® Listings

Top10Agents interviews and reference checks real estate agents to help home buyers and sellers feel comfortable selecting an agent. They needed me to make their site mobile-friendly and easy to edit.

  Listing Admin Interface

Previously, each listing was tediously coded by hand. I created a custom plugin allowing administrators to quickly enter agent details so the site could be managed by low-cost workers.

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  Custom WordPress Theme

To support the new editor, I created a new theme, using the Bootstrap framework. The new theme replaced the clunky drag-and-drop theme while maintaining the existing design of the site.


Unlike the previous theme, the one I created was designed from the beginning to support small screens, allowing Top10Agents to reach even more customers.

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  Joyful Meditations – Internet Radio Station

Joyful Meditations Ministries asked me to create a rich experience for their new internet radio station website. I created a custom Joomla template, designed and created a custom mobile-friendly audio player and Android app, and created backend support applications and analytics software, enabling the ministry to stream tens of thousands of hours of music to listeners around the world.

  Custom Joomla Template

I created a highly-flexible custom Joomla template for Joyful Meditations based on a provided PSD file.

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  Custom Audio Player

Joyful Meditations asked me to create an audio player supporting multiple live audio streams.

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  Mobile Audio Player

Through its mobile audio player and Android app, the ministry can reach users with iPhones, iPads, and Android phones and tablets.

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  Management UI

To give the ministry flexibility, I created an administration UI, allowing volunteers to quickly make changes to the live stream setup and react to unexpected downtime, providing an uninterrupted experience.

  Audio Manager

To simplify otherwise tedious maintenance tasks, I created a Windows application to integrate with the ministry’s existing radio automation software, freeing volunteers to perform more helpful work.

  Round Robin Tournament Scheduler

Berean Baptist Church wanted a custom tournament scheduling application to fulfill the unique scheduling needs of their annual basketball tournament.

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  Windows Scheduling Application

The scheduling application generates schedules in less than a second allowing volunteers to interact with players instead of being consumed with creating the schedule.

  Wireless Scorekeeping

The wireless scorekeeping webpage allows scorekeepers to use their phones to update game statistics in real time, drastically reducing the workload of the head scorekeeper.


CMS-Productions Website


CMS-Productions asked me to give their aging website a new look and upgrade it to a more maintainable platform.

In addition, I configured a new web server and migrated the website off of a shared web host onto a more reliable virtual private server.

BIMI Bingerville Website

BIMI in Bingerville

A group of missionaries to the Ivory Coast wanted a website to give them new ways to communicate with supporters.

I continue to maintain the website and provide support, allowing the missionaries to focus on their core mission while we maintain their website.

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Haas Insurance Service Website

Haas Insurance Service

This insurance agency had a Facebook page and a domain name for emails, but they didn’t have a website.

I set up their website, customized the look, performed SEO, and installed caching plugins to make the site load quickly.

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